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Fax: 712-325-3721
Phone: 712-325-3256

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For general inquiries, please contact the following:

Kelly Stuckey    
CE Assistant 712-325-3256
Sue Wiese    
CE Assistant 712-325-3255
Kim Brayfield    
Adult Literacy, HiSET, and non-credit ESL 712-325-3266
Stephanie Schuster    
Looft Hall 712-325-3252
Ruth Husz    
Operations Manager 712-325-3261
Lisa Walker    
Director of CE 712-325-3210

If you have questions about a particular program, please select from the following list:
Activity Coordinator  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Acute Nurse Aide Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Adult Literacy/HiSET Libby Woods 712-256-7088
Allied Health CEUs Holly Bokelman 712-325-3265
Auto Dealers Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Bus Driver Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Business Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Cardiac Training Center - CTC Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
CE Marketing/Tabloid Denise Norman 712-325-3415
CE Online/Career Step/Ed2Go Denise Norman 712-325-3415
CE Web Page Denise Norman 712-325-3415
CEU Contract Programs Holly Bokelman 712-325-3265
Coaching Authorization  Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Computer Classes  Holly Bokelman 712-325-3265
Computer Training Certificate Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Construction  Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Cosmetology Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Critical Care Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
Dental CEUs Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Dialysis Technician  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Dietary Management  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
DIP Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Driver Education  Denise Norman 712-325-3415
DUI/OWI Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Education to Employment Rachel Jensen 712-325-3268
Education/Para/Sub Auth Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Electrical Denise Norman 712-325-3415
EMS CEU programs Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
EMT  Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
ESL  Libby Woods 712-256-7088
Expanded Dental Functions Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Expanded IV Therapy for LPN's Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Food Safety  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Forklift Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Funeral Directors Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Home Maintenance Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Human Resources (SHRM) Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
HVAC Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Industrial Safety  Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Insurance Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Journeyman Testing  Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Lead Classes  Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Logistics Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Looft Hall Facility Rental Stephanie Schuster 712-325-3252
LPN Supervisory  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Management Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Med Aide Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Med Manager Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Medical Billing  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Medical Coding Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
MIP Diversion Holly Bokelman 712-325-3265
Motorcycle/Moped Holly Bokelman 712-325-3265
MSHA Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Nurse Aide  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Nursing CEUs Holly Bokelman 712-325-3265
OSHA/Safety  Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Paramedic Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
Pearson Vue testing  Stephanie Schuster 712-325-3252
Personal Development Holly Bokelman 712-325-3265
Personal Finance Holly Bokelman 712-325-3265
Pesticide Testing  Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Pharmacy Tech Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Phlebotomy Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Plumbing Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Real Estate Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Rehab Aide Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Small Business Programs Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Social Media for Business Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Sterile Processing  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Theft Diversion Holly Bokelman 712-325-3265
Water/Wastewater Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Welding  Denise Norman 712-325-3415
Wellness Series Lisa Walker 712-325-3210
Workplace/Command Spanish Lisa Walker 712-325-3210