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We work towards providing you the best training possible! We would appreciate hearing your thoughts on our programs. Please share your feedback about your experience with Iowa Western Continuing Education here!

Fax: 712-325-3721
Phone: 712-325-3256

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For general inquiries, please contact the following:

Kelly Stuckey    
CE Assistant 712-325-3256
Sue Wiese    
CE Assistant 712-325-3255
Kim Brayfield    
Adult Literacy, HiSET, and non-credit ESL 712-325-3266
Stephanie Schuster    
Looft Hall 712-325-3252
Ruth Husz    
Operations Manager 712-325-3261
Harold Sargus    
Director of CE 712-325-3210

If you have questions about a particular program, please select from the following list:
Activity Coordinator  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Acute Nurse Aide Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Adult Literacy/HiSET Libby Woods 712-256-7088
Allied Health CEUs Jamie Manhart 712-325-3265
Auto Dealers Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Bus Drivers Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Business Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Cardiac Training Center - CTC Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
CE Marketing/Tabloid Denise Norman 712-325-3415
CE Online/Career Step/Ed2Go Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
CE Web Page Denise Norman 712-325-3415
CEU Contract Programs Jamie Manhart 712-325-3265
Coaching Authorization  Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Computer Classes  Harold Sargus 712-325-3265
Computer Training Certificate Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Construction  Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Cosmetology Jamie Manhart 712-325-3210
Critical Care Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
Dental CEUs Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Dialysis Technician  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Dietary Management  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
DIP Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Driver Education  Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
DUI/OWI Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Education to Employment Rachel Jensen 712-325-3268
Education/Para/Sub Auth Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Electrical Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
EMS CEU programs Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
EMT  Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
ESL  Libby Woods 712-256-7088
Expanded Dental Functions Rhonda Casson 712-325-3210
Expanded IV Therapy for LPN's Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Food Safety  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Forklift Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Funeral Directors Jamie Manhart 712-325-3210
Home Maintenance Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Human Resources (SHRM) Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
HVAC Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Industrial Safety  Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Insurance Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Journeyman Testing  Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Lead Classes  Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Logistics Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Looft Hall Facility Rental Stephanie Schuster 712-325-3252
LPN Supervisory  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Management Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Med Aide Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Med Manager Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Medical Billing  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Medical Coding Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
MIP Diversion Jamie Manhart 712-325-3265
Motorcycle/Moped Jamie Manhart 712-325-3265
MSHA Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Nurse Aide  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Nursing CEUs Jamie Manhart 712-325-3265
OSHA/Safety  Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Paramedic Christopher Loftus 712-325-3446
Pearson Vue testing  Stephanie Schuster 712-325-3252
Personal Development Jamie Manhart 712-325-3265
Personal Finance Jamie Manhart 712-325-3265
Pesticide Testing  Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Pharmacy Tech Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Phlebotomy Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Plumbing Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Real Estate Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Rehab Aide Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Small Business Programs Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Social Media for Business Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Sterile Processing  Rhonda Casson 712-325-3259
Theft Diversion Jamie Manhart 712-325-3265
Water/Wastewater Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Welding  Raelyn Weston 712-325-3415
Wellness Series Harold Sargus 712-325-3210
Workplace/Command Spanish Harold Sargus 712-325-3210